Virginia Woolf

My short introduction to the life and work of Virginia Woolf

virginia woolf alexandra harris

Thames & Hudson

'A miracle of clarity and concision'  
Washington Post
‘A wonderfully perceptive, unpretentious study which is pacy in style, riveting in content and perfectly accessible to the most obdurate Woolf-avoider … Every page of Harris’s insightful book is pervaded by Woolf’s passion for life, her sense of fun and her immense capacity for joy. … by the final page Harris has made you desperate to tackle the novels, to get stuck in and to submerge yourself in Woolf’s unmistakable, wholly original and imaginative responses to the world’
Daily Mail
'The critical evaluations of Woolf's novels are elegant and searching ... an ideal introduction.' 
Financial Times
'...This is the kind of provocative shift of the lens at which Harris excels and which won so much praise for Romantic Moderns. I found myself wanting to read more about the Woolf who, on being unable to attend a party, lay in bed imagining how brilliant and beautiful she would have been at it.. and who wrote in her diary of 'the glow & the flattery & the festival of life with Vita. Indeed after beginning Harris's book wondering whether Woolf really needed another biography, I was soon wishing that this had been a rather longer one.'
Times Higher Education Supplement